the annotated johnny cavalier

  • Two political stories dominated the headlines during '98: A looming stand-off with Iraq over weapons inspections (sound familiar?) and Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. The second proved more interesting a topic for Johnny Cavalier.
  • As I'm sure is the case with most college campuses, posters litter all public wall space.
  • I'll probably get this story wrong, but as I remember it, Joseph Rosenfeld, a Grinnell alum and Trustee, wanted to boost the college's endowment. So he called up his good friend Warren Buffett, and with Buffett's help, the college now has a billion dollars to its name. Well, probably not that much since the stock market went down.
  • The sidekick is supposed to be Bill Gates.
  • Pictured in the second and fourth panel is my beloved iMac.
  • On any given Friday or Saturday night, there will be a huge "disco"-style dance party in the Harris building, basically a big room with a stage and some fold-up bleachers. The parties are usually organized by student groups, and almost always have some theme attached to them (e.g. Valentine's Day Party, Professor Anger Tenure Party, etc.)

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